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Jeff M


“I work in construction 10 to 12 hours a day on most days. I have a hard time getting out of bed from being so tired. My body aches and my head is pounding. I do piece work and I need to work as fast as I can so I take a Lightning Force energy product to get me going in the morning and in ten minutes I have the ability to concentrate and the energy to get my day started. Within about a half hour my head ache stops and my strength and ability to work fast and hard is at its best. The energy lasts me my full work day and even allows me to come home and play with my family. I used to buy two Full Throttle energy drinks a day at a cost of $4.50. One sometimes two Lightning Force energy products will last all day and give me what I need without the calories or cost.”

Leslie Hofheins


“Testimonial Coming Soon.”

Tyler c


“I like the Lightning Force energy gum a lot. I put just one piece in my mouth and I stay focused and energized for 4 to 6 hours. It has really helped me with my studies and being alert at college. The Lightning Force gum does not make me feel shaky or jittery. The Spearmint gum tastes really good and is my favorite while the Peppermint gum is good also. Both flavors are like a tasty premium gum. Thanks Lightning Force for an awesome product.”

Rob and Tiffanie M.


“My wife and I have been taking the Lightning Force energy chew and gum. Before I was introduced to the energy chews and gum I was a 3 cup of coffee and energy drink user. Since that time I have cut out all the energy drinks and coffee just simply by chewing a few pieces of gum a day and a couple of energy chews. They are amazing. Tiffanie my wife has never been a energy drink user, as a matter of fact she has never used any other energy products. I asked her to try the gum and within minutes she was feeling a difference and since that time has never gone a day without the gum, not only does it taste great but also WORKS! I myself found with the chews that it not only gave me the energy I wanted but also gave me mental clarity that I need to focus on tasks at hand. After taking these products for the last 6 months my wife and I will continue to use these for the rest of our lives. Thank you Lightning Force for introducing us to these phenomenal products, you have truly changed our lives for the better.”

joseph h


“I have tried those so called energy drinks and I didn’t like the taste, furthermore, I didn’t like the spike of the caffeine effect on my body. The caffeine effect is so bad that I almost shake too much even to write with a pencil or tie my favorite fly on my fly rod. The Lightning Force energy gum or chews have great taste and no spiking that made me jittery. If I need a slow release for a round of golf or a day on the river I just put a couple in my pocket for later and one in my mouth as I’m heading out the door. I can’t say enough about this great product. Carpe Diem.”

Justin J


“Lightning Force energy chews are the bomb. I am in my mid 40’s and started to work out again as I need to lose some weight. One problem was I didn’t have enough energy to complete my workout. I was introduced to the Lightning Force chews. These gave me the energy I needed to complete my workouts and then some. I found that these are great at giving me boosted energy I need at different times of the day. Going into meetings and those long days at work. These really give you an edge and the energy you need.”

david c


“I have been using lightning force energy supplements for the last several months, and have been completely surprised at how effective they have been. These energy supplements are an important part of my regular routines and give me the energy I need to make it through the day.
Working as a healthcare professional and having the working knowledge of pharmaceuticals, it’s great to use products made from top grade ingredients and designed for the customer and their needs! I would highly recommend these energy supplements to anyone looking for an alternative way to bring their energy levels up. They are better tasting, more affordable and just a great product all around!

RC Collett

Golf Professional

“My introduction to the Lightning Force Chews was over four months ago. They have proven to be an outstanding source of dependable, sustainable energy without worry or concern of experiencing a rapid up-surge of energy nor awaiting for some sort of energy crash. Most importantly, too, I don’t have to worry about my body ingesting bad or suspect chemicals as found in over-the-counter energy drinks.
As a Golf Professional, it is critical to have a sustained source of energy available when needed whether playing golf with my buddies or on my feet for long periods of time giving golf lessons. Lightning Force Chews don’t leave you feeling jittery, or suddenly run-down and empty. They are made with ingredients which allow the body to assimilate the ingredients a whole lot easier than energy drinks. Plus, they are individually wrapped, easy to take with, and economical. Try ‘em, you’ll see! These Chews Work!!”

Life-Member – PGA of America

Damien H


“In the last 47 years I’ve spent in the sports and fitness industry as a professional soccer player, personal trainer, soccer coach and physical education teacher I have tried most energy products in the market looking for a boost to my fitness training and playing soccer professional. Lightning Force energy chews and gum are by far the best energy products I’ve used in those 47 years in the sports and fitness industry. At last we finally have a healthy alternative to energy drinks and they are great tasting, cheap and convenient. It’s great you can take them anywhere with you. They help me with my work as a real estate entrepreneur renovating houses. I now breeze through my days with more energy and remain more focused through my work day. I then take another serving at the end of my work day and do my gym workouts at the age 47 with the same intensity as I did when I was in my prime playing professional soccer. It’s a shame Lightning Force energy chews and gum weren’t around when I was still playing professional soccer they would have enhanced my soccer career!”

russ a

US Strongman

“I have literally transformed myself from a quite mediocre person to a world class athlete. The energy I need to train, focus, perform and win comes from Lightning Force Energy Chews & Gum. Three(3) short years ago I severed my L4L5 Disk in my back.
For all intent and purpose my athletic career was over as I atrophied & languished unable to even feed myself or walk to the bathroom. After bottoming out and finding myself both skinny & incredibly weak I came to a decision. It was that I’d not be able to have my situation repaired by doctors, chiropractors or surgeons! I’d start walking to the front door, bathroom, kitchen & bedroom regardless of the weakness, pain or numbness.
Soon I was walking a block, then a mile, then two miles, six miles. Then I headed back to the gym. I bench pressed, overhead pressed, squatted & dead lifted the Olympic bar(45 lbs.) with zero weights on it. Then I added 2.2 lbs plates, 5 lbs, then 10 lbs, then 25 lbs, 35 lbs and then 45 lbs. Two 45 lbs. plates per side, then three 45 lbs. plates, four plates and 5 forty five pound plates until I was actually stronger than I was before my devastating injury.
Numbness in my Right legs shrunk from a one(1) foot area from my ankle to my knee to a six(6) inch area to a one(1) inch area where it remains today. Almost gone!! Since I’ve Farmer Walked 375 lbs. per hand for 50 ft, I’ve Super Yoked 1,000 lbs.(a half tone) the same weight carried at The 2015 World’s Strongest Man Championship in Malaysia. I’m truly better, stronger and faster than I was before my injury!
How did I focus, energize, perform and improve on all those days and nights when I wanted to just stay home, seated or rest?? How did I do it and continue to do it today?? I used and continue to use Lightning Force Energy Chews & Gum because I don’t know of a better product on earth!!”

Jillian P

North Carolina

“I love Lightning Force NRG chocolate chews and gum! As a nurse I always have to be my sharpest and react quickly in emergency situations. Lightning Force NRG gives me that extra boost and keeps me focused so I can deliver the quality care my patients deserve. Compared to other energy products I have tried, Lightning Force NRG tastes the best hands down! My personal favorite is the Lightning Force NRG cinnamon gum. It freshens my breath, is low in calories, and has a great flavor that lasts. I can keep the product conveniently in my pocket and it doesn’t fill me up like a cup of coffee or energy drink does. I feel like I get the same energy without the jitters! Since I switched to Lighting Force NRG I have no desire to use energy drinks again.”